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26-Jul-2017 14:41

Ford said another family member was abused by Hayen as well—twice—at the age of 12, and a friend of hers also revealed she had been abused by Hayden and forced to kiss him.

Hayden allegedly abused girls outside of his immediate family, too.

Parish of Livingston officials tell us Kris abused Stephanie's son from another relationship last month ...

Kris Ford, 31, was booked on a count of cruelty to juveniles, while his wife, Stephanie Hayden Ford, 29, faces a count of being a principal to cruelty to juveniles, according to Livingston Parish jail records available online. Stephanie’s ex boyfriend, William Scott, who is the father of her 9-year-old son, reported the abuse to police.

“Stephanie has some demons she has to work through right now, and I am going to be as helpful as I can because she needs that support and needs that room. “I want to give my support to the people that have been damaged by Will.

"Sons of Guns" co-star Joseph Meaux told FOX411 that he will be there for Stephanie as her father's rape scandal unfolds.

"Sons of Guns" stars Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford were arrested Friday in Louisiana ... Stephanie's dad Will Hayden was taken into custody back in August for allegedly molesting his other daughter -- and since then, he's been charged with another rape.

for allegedly hitting a 9-year-old boy with a belt so hard he bruised. because her son told cops she was present in the room.

It has been widely reported that the charges stem from accusations made by Hayden’s younger daughter. Phil she spoke openly about the sexual abuse of a girl who she referred to as her sister.

Ford said her father once came into her bedroom, drunk and forced her shirt off and touched her chest inappropriately. Once that happened I jumped back and he just left and he never touched me again like that,” she said, adding that she was depressed and avoided her father after the incident and carried knives with her.

Ford said Hayden was first arrested because a woman who used to be a personal assistant for the family told police she discovered the reality star passionately kissing his young daughter on the couch.