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06-Jun-2017 22:48

Like I said earlier it’s not a disease or anything, so how in the world does someone get it?!It’s actually quite simple–and it all starts with trauma, in my personal case, which is what I’ll be discussing on this page–chapstick.PLEASE REFER TO MY VIDEOS FOR THE MOST ACCURATE INFORMATION ON THIS.PLEASE DON’T EMAIL ME SAYING YOU ARE LEAVING YOUR LIPS ALONE AND NOT PUTTING ANYTHING ON THEM, AND ARE WONDERING WHY YOU AREN’T GETTING BETTER THAT WILL JUST ANNOY ME. (I’M STILL GETTING COUNTLESS EMAILS TODAY SAYING JUST THAT, HENCE THE REASON FOR THIS MESSAGE IN ALL CAPS) Okay, so I already know most of you probably wondering what peeling lips is?What I am talking about is a condition that I am going to call peeling lips. However most doctors and dermatologists seem to be unaware of this name. Oh yeah, and stop wasting your money on those dermatologist appointments, they won’t get you anywhere with this condition.

I hope you enjoyed the video, and, if any of you like me might be going through this very same thing and feel like the world is about to end, I really hope I may be of some help and confidence that the world is still spinning!

I don’t know what would have happened to them had I stopped using chapstick at that point, but I can only suggest anyone who is at that point to discontinue use immediately.

In 2006 when I was 18 I moved to Florida after graduating high school. However one day in 2008 I went to the dentist and they were working on my mouth and had to stretch my lips a bit more than normal, this caused them to become very dry…and is the only thing I can relate to the very start of my peeling lip condition.

And what is EVERY SINGLE person struggling with peeling lips doing day and night? Then taking the tarp off and begin to drive it thinking it’s fixed. Don’t let the embarrassment of being in front of other people while your healing yourself make you live like this forever, a few months of embarrassment is nothing, and I promise you people will forget you ever had it. Remember the cell cycle from birth to death is over a month, and we are going to need several cycles to completely rebuild what we’ve removed over the past several years, so I’m not promising quick results, I’m promising the result.

But it will mean several months of unattractive lips.

First I’ll go into an explanation of using eye drops as most people may be more familiar with this scenario.