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I'm a woman and I would never see these products working !The look on my face says it all when it comes to ppl looking for a quick fix and thinking it works , omg 4real !!I usually have to fiddle quite a bit to get the heat to circulate differently, turning the knob back and forth until it works. I'm going I get a reg cap for it , when I went the first time to the parts store they gave the kind with the valve , not sure I like that cap at all , first of all I can't the damn thing off , piece of crap !! Had only water for the meantime, it's only run about 1 hr total since dumping the coolant.Ok went for compression test , negative for blown head gasket , new therm in with gasket , question please somebody answer this the overflow plastic jug , the cap on that inside is warped and doesn't seal well , does this plastic cap have anything to do with air getting in , again. Even when u pull up the red valve wowww wat a time I have getting that cap off to check it , anyhow when I leave here its the first place I'm stopping to get another but not with the valve . I replaced the rad cap with a new one, then put in some Blue Devil.To bed now and in gettin ahold of the head gasket gods and about pray my ass off that its not the head ! See the colder it gets the more I notice it does sound like the heater matrix is either clogged or the hoses to it may have a pin hole leak when warm,have you tried the bi carb trickyet?it does work over here in england very well and ive been playing about with cars for over 30 years and it has never let me down sometimes tricks taught to me by my grandfather pay off as they show you where leaks are you could also try what we call over here "shit sticks" or barrs stopa leak put into the coolant system which will seal any small leaks in hoses rads and heater matrix as it seals when hot and it meets the air as a temporary fix Well u kno as time goes on a weather got colder things change with it , but yea I won't play games with it , I'm not a gamer when it comes to these things , I don't believe in a Any temporary fix , I smdh ppl putting stop leak into cars , where is their head at ?Ok since the new rad cap my fluid is still up , I'm keeping my fingers crossed over here .

Sounds like a PITA dealing with this engine since it's DOHC, Like Andrew said I'll have to deal with the timing too. When cold, crank it and run for a few sec and check the color if coolant.not sure if this car is worth all the blood, sweat, and cuss words I'm about to spill over it haha. If there is a white film on the top it can be a sign of exhaust leak there. I actually drained the coolant, just water right now but nothing funky going on with it. molotov cocktail in the passenger compartment would fix this problem for sure.Well I tell u wat enough is enough , tomorrow somebody is getting beat up by this woman , im pissed at this bullshit car and i am loosing coolant per tonight when I pull the damn cap. Also if it was cold the hose should not be pressureized only after a few seconds. It doesn't start gurgling until the car has run for a few minutes, not sure if thats an indicator. Wonder if the heater is clogged like John is suggesting. Tomorrow my car goes to the ahold for the day and tonight I'm gonna pray to the head gasket god that he is okay , several issues over the past couple days , okay upon pulling overflow car the rubber seal on the inside cap is warped or old , well it doesn't sit flush to the cap like it should , meaning not flat curly looking , no foam in the overflow , no Choc milk dipstick and no antifreeze in oil and no oil in antifreeze , no white smoke at all , no water dropping from tail pipe .A few days later I noticed the coolant resevior was bubbling and gurgling. Obviously they will have to replace it , I hear its a horrible job to do ! I can't believe how many forums on this topic , you mean to tell me blowing ur head gasket is that common ??

No loss of power, the oil looked good when I changed it so I disconnected the uppper and lower hoses and flushed the radiator and engine. Completly normal for head gasket to fail and not mix with oil. At this point I'm ready to go to a radiator specialist myself and have them test this and tell me wat is going on , I can't rely on a honest answer from these people at this point One more thing when I got this car it had so much corrosion going through radiator almost like rusty chunks blowing through it , I had a flush and fill done however I'm gonna assume it was not bleed correctly either them I had two hoses that were busted , split clear wide open , and I don't even they were automotive hoses , I could be wrong but the hose too soft and flexible to be on a car !

Well hahahah we shall see this afternoon ill give ya the update , I also told th this morning I'm hearing a pump rattle I don't like the sounds of Watever it is , I don't have head issue symptoms other than overheat , but it don't mean it ain't there either ouch then more than likely it has had a temp fix before then and the person hasnt sorted the problem out for the long term barrs is only a temp fix till you can sort out the problem properly and isolate it where it is.

One guy did say my username is a tongue twister, which, okay, it's my just my super-common first plus my super-common middle name, so, dumb. I did partake in a little for-funsies voting this evening...although, the only person I've thumbsed-down so far posted a photo of his sports car and not himself, because, come on.… continue reading »

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