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The machine operators serve on the lowest level – they control the machines with buttons and levers.The next level is reserved for the workshop managers.The different types of products made in a factory come from different workshops.They use raw materials from the warehouses and store the completed goods back in them.The different responsibilities of the operating system (Windows 7 for example), like the file system, peripheral devices, users and communication protocols, are controlled at a higher level – we can compare it to the management of the different workshops and departments in the factory.At the highest level, we can find the application software.In reality, it is not the computers, but the programs (the software), which run on them, that matter.It is the software that makes computers valuable to the end-user, allowing for many different types of services that change our lives.

The lowest level is managed by the processor and its registries (this is accomplished by using machine programs at a low level) – we can compare it to controlling the machines in the workshops.

Raw materials enter the factory, go through different stages of processing and leave the factory transformed into products.

Each factory converts the raw materials into a product ready for consumption..

Afterwards, it is processed by one or more processes and it comes out modified as a new product. They use HTTP to transfer raw materials and products, and information processing usually has to do with extracting content from a database and preparing it for visualization in the form of HTML.

The whole process of manufacturing products in a factory has many levels of management.In order to understand what it means to program, we can roughly compare a computer and its operating system to a large factory with all its workshops, warehouses and transportation.

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