Dating someone you actually like

28-Nov-2017 04:26

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For example, if they make eye contact, they’re not unduly shy or troubled and may be interested in you. You can learn all that in a few seconds and develop an impression of someone that’s quite indelible. Once we have an opinion about someone, we tend to reject input that’s discordant.

Often that’s surprisingly accurate: Looks and even a person’s first few words embeds many of their characteristics.

For example, if you’re standing in front of a bookstore’s psychology section, you might say, “Quite a collection they have here.” If you’re in a Trader Joe’s line and you see something intriguing in the person’s shopping cart, you might say, “I’ve been curious to try the Kouigg Amann. ” Don’t use “lines,” for example, “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?Even if what you say is totally accurate and may work for you, the problem for some people like you is what they miss in some cases.I know of more than one case where someone found their "special other" after many years of looking only because they were forced by circumstances to get to know someone they would otherwise always rule out by the kinds of methods you describe.Of course, there are other ways that happy couples have met.

But, as in most things in life, we do better if we do things that improve our odds of success.(I prefer to call them "estimations" rather than judgements. In one glance, I can tell if a woman is going to be trouble, demanding, crazy, etc.

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