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Chiang said the content of the sales brochure was too comprehensive, exceeding what an ordinary buyer needs to know.

“There are not too many buyers who will read through a brochure that contains hundreds of pages,” said Chiang.

You should definitely go chasing waterfalls because they are right next to the rivers and the streams that you’re used to.

Hong Kong’s hilly green spaces are home to dozens of these flowing cascades.

“However, there are a number of contentious issues such as the provisions of the rectification and indemnity schemes that have not yet been resolved,” she said.

“The government should ensure that property owners are well protected before implementing the law.” The Land Title Ordinance, enacted in 2004, aimed to simplify the land and property registration system.

Other controversial issues that have failed to reach a consensus between the government and stakeholders include the rectification arrangement and how to convert land and property that involves over three million land registers under the deeds registration system dating back to over a hundred years.

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As such, property or land buyers have to hire a lawyer to review each and every title document transacted in the past 15 years before proceeding with the purchase.

Follow this for 15-20 minutes and you will see the waterfall.

Length: 3.5 km () Time at a leisurely pace: About an hour Avoiding wrong turns: There is a cement foot bridge that crosses the river – don’t go over it. As the path is mostly off-beat, it will be best navigated with someone familiar with the area.

“There are some technical issues of the law that need to be improved”.

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To ensure transparency and fairness, the law requires a developer to make hard copies of the sales brochure available to the public for free and on its website designated for the development at least seven days before the sale of the properties and on the date of sale.

Chiang, who joined Deacons in the late 1970s, has vast experience in all kinds of property related transactions, including sale and purchase of commercial, residential and industrial properties, and tender and auction transactions.