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07-Dec-2017 09:20

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These are the questions I get most often: Let’s tackle these one at a time. The standard is that text which precedes a bullet point should end with a colon.Whenever you deal with capitalization there is a lot of confusion—even among the different style guides—which means you can make this a simple, or complicated, learning experience. If the text in the bullet is not a complete sentence it doesn’t require a capital letter or a period.But the university hadn’t sought to reinstate its tax-exempt status until 2014 after Steve Pettit took over as the school’s fifth president in its 90-year history.“Organizing as a tax-exempt entity is something BJU has needed to do for quite some time,” Pettit said.In his first meeting with the university’s Cabinet, Pettit said he believed it was appropriate for BJU to seek its tax-exempt status because the university doesn’t believe the positions it once held about race.But it’s your life encompassing many years, and you need lots of facts and […] How to Read a Résumé Waiting to hear back from a company regarding your candidacy for a job can be frustrating.Sometimes the days stretch into weeks, and before long you’re convinced that they’re not interested, and you’re getting pissed off that they didn’t call or write to let you know.

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Rule Number One Don’t Include the Articles “The”, “A”, or “An” […] When to Use Compound Modifiers on Résumés Compound modifiers play an important part in the English language, particularly when written.

The university didn’t admit any black students until 1971, 17 years after Brown vs. It then wouldn’t admit any students who were in a mixed-race marriage and created rules to prohibit students from interracial dating.

The case rose to the Supreme Court, which ruled in 1983 that the IRS could revoke the university’s tax-exempt status because the government’s interest in eradicating racial discrimination from education overrode the university’s First Amendment rights to religious free speech.

I wrote a post a few months ago about “What To Capitalize on a Resume,” but from the number of emails I receive it’s obvious I didn’t go into enough detail.

In this post, I’ll cover a few of the rules for capitalization, and we’ll go into more detail on each of them.As a director of sales achieved a record number of accomplishments: Nobody will complain if you manage your bullet points in this fashion, and it will be consistent, which might be more important than following rules that many people don’t even know about.

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