Chen xiao and michelle chen dating website

11-Jun-2017 18:39

Two person actually master early in the morning has planned to marry, and BB comes, is absolutely happy accident, and shes said: "really is the first planned to marry, the baby should be said that God gave us the best gift." After Chen complement again: "last year I was on 29 September with Yanxi proposal, we agreed then, a year after the September 29 is the wedding.

Then in the morning is determined in this card for my birthday this year.

On the other hand, Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen register their marriage officially today on July 5th on Chen Xiao’s birthday.

These "insiders" alleged that Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying began dating shortly after the shooting wrap-up of Legend of the Lu Zhen (around spring 2012) and even news of their co-habitation in Beijing emerged.